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The ” HeadOn ” commercials. How can you not make fun of a commercial that consists of nothing but “Head On: Apply directly to the forehead” repeated over and over? The same applies to most other television advertisements for prescription drugs. Usually features a generic, bland spokesperson doing something, well, generic. Bonus points for corny CGI graphics. Especially notable are the Viagra commercials. An Italian spot with Manuela Arcuri promoting a book entitled Il labirinto femminile inspired countless Youtube parodies due to its amateurish direction, poor acting, creepy Soundtrack Dissonance and the overall bad quality of the book itself.

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There is one extra design for Aradia, due to popular demand, and a set of full horns for Equius. Tell us about these horns! Each of the twelve Troll has uniquely shaped horns that match their corresponding zodiac sign. We’ve included a few example images below of the horns in actual gameplay, just to give a feel of how they look when Sims are actually interacting and not just standing there. Where can I find these in CAS? Each has its own thumbnail image, so you won’t be able to miss them.

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We did it guys. Homestuck is so weird, even 4chan doesn’t know how to weird out Homestucks. My dad is smart because: Between John learning that Trolls of both genders get periods and that Karkat is always on his, Vriska’s disturbed reaction to Karkat suddenly being nice to her , Tavros acting as a very uninterested sounding narrator , Karkat and Sollux’s Shotgun Wedding , the way Karkat pronounces “baby” All the extremely bizarre videos made by this guy.

Random Events Plots abound, characters get killed off and brought back randomly, AR is the president for some reason, John is an Eldritch Abomination , Equius cheats on Nepeta with a horse , Karkat is a butterfly, Aradia and Eridan want to be Pooh Bear when they grow up, etc. In one episode, Karkat’s hive catches fire and his first concern is that his movies will burn. What really makes this one funny is that such a reaction might not be entirely out of character for Karkat.

It’s a laugh riot all over:

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Sollux would normally be up first to go to work and would always wake me and rose up just before he left to say bye. Rose would have to be cuddled alot during sad movies because as tough as she made herself seem she was weak. Sollux had major OCD with the number 2 and he would have freak outs bc of it that really only aradia could calme down.

We would always start decorating for christmas in like, august. I always wanted a dog but we never got one, Sollux would normally stay up till 4 am on the computer even though he had to get up at like 6. I loved stealing Solluxs shirts because i was smaller then him and it annoyed him.

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By Max Knoblauch You are surrounded by friends and colleagues, all chanting. Bending to one knee, you utter the sacred vow. People are, it would seem, more into things than ever before. In , we don’t just like a television show — we obsess over it. We pour our hearts and souls and tweets into it, week after week until its cancelled or dies naturally after six seasons and a movie. It’s not just television either.

The peoples’ chosen movies, books and entertainers all have followings rivaling that of small countries. Below, we’ve listed the craziest. Beyonce The size and devotion of Beyonce fans is unrivaled. If mobilized, this fandom could likely take control of at least one of the hemispheres, within hours. Game of Thrones Image:

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How long have you been doing burlesque? I did it actively for about five years. Now I’ve moved into performance art and the production side of things. Four and a half years. What made you want to try it?

Homestuck Character Maker on Scratch by gleavtoi. Click the arrow keys to change what outfit you want. Click and drag the clothing item to the sprite.

Follow A few years ago, I discovered Homestuck. After I read like half of it, I tried going on different forums to meet people who also read the web comic. A week went by until I found the right person, we met and talked Irl. Later we became friends until one night she wanted to go out and drink with me. After what seemed like a hour or two, we decided to go somewhere. We ended up going to her place, I forgot what happened after we went there.

I woken up, with a slight groggy feeling as I looked over and saw my friend with only a bra on.

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Equius’ death involves an arrow in the knee. Bro isn’t meant to be an Expy of Kamina Andrew Hussie wasn’t even aware of the show’s existence when he started Homestuck but the two are so coincidentally similar it’s hilarious. They even end up serving similar ro les in their respective stories.

>This board was created with the idea of Homestuck General in mind, which is pretending to be about Homestuck. It’s remnants of 4chan /co/’s Homestuck General, which was 90% shitposting 10% on topic until it got shut down.

Synopsis Sburb’s pre-Scratch logo Homestuck begins when thirteen-year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, Sburb, in the mail. Installing and running the game on his computer triggers a meteor storm to fall on his house in real life, which he survives only by being transported to a planet in another dimension known as the Incipisphere. As John’s friends Rose Lalonde , Dave Strider , and Jade Harley join him in the game, they learn that they have unwittingly triggered the destruction of Earth, and that it is their duty to play the game to create a new universe.

As they begin to explore the world of Sburb, John and his friends are harassed by a group of twelve Internet trolls who have played a version of the game before. Further contact with the trolls reveals that they are not human at all, but an alien species actually called “trolls”. As the trolls gradually become more important to the story, the narrative shifts to a side story arc exploring the nature of troll society and the specific sequence of events that led to this group to enter the troll version of Sburb.

The trolls’ arc concludes with them winning their game and originally creating the humans’ universe. As the story returns to focus on the humans, the two species start to cooperate to salvage the kids’ doomed game session.

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You rubbed your eyes as your hair was in a tangled mess. Worst of all, you weren’t wearing any make up gasp. Changing into whatever you could find and brush your hair, not forgetting to put on mascara, you absconded out the door. You walked down the empty, blank, white halls, into the kitchen.

Lyrics dating after separation. Because i would never let anyone things tell. Part date of the love and friends uk dating site for all Bonus modes, which allows you to homestuck dating site relationships, make an excellent addition to a grammy.

An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie. Homestuck book 3 and Problem Sleuth book 5 are here! The Homestuck book contains Act 3. The Problem Sleuth book is the final volume of the series. The Target makes homestuck sburb download to verify. Installer works with homestuck sburb download seems to zip before a dialog to scan,. This is a real, downloadable cursor.

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Click to print Opens in new window Note: Through Homestuck, writer Andrew Hussie plus many collaborators over the years have created a sprawling epic involving timeline-jumping, retroactive foreshadowing, multiple universes, copious 90s references, Internet culture, and a massive cast of characters, all very distinct with well-developed personalities, interests, and relationships even those meant to be one-off jokes.

Their responses cover the varied and respectful portrayal of queer characters, friendships, and relationships, the subversion of the Bury Your Gays trope, and the valuable opportunities in finding reflections of themselves, building relationships and community with other LGBTQ fans, and even becoming confident enough to own their identity. Homestuck Cast by Izzy Abreu The main cast consists of teams of teenagers from three different universes and multiple iterations of those universes working together to play variations of Sburb, a game resembling a cross between The Sims, Spore, Myst, and RPGs whose end goal is to create a new universe.

Homestuck dating simulator interactive karkat.A homestuck art and scripting homestuck dating homestuck games simulator gamzee dating sim is. The eight people you the people picked for the dating simulator are.*drum rolls across the floor* homestuck dress up karkat vantas strider strider captor.

Official works From the album art for Frog Hunt: Not long after Alternia was released, Andrew announced that another album was already in the works. What did it turn out to be? The promo video for Homestuck Vol Think it’ll stick this time? Don’t hold your breath! It’s time to ascend! And not just because kissing boys is illegal! Now that’s what I call a Fetch Quest! Penumbra Phantasm is not featured on this album.

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Share I had been single for a while, and I was sick and tired of it. Being 32 and single is no laughing matter; the traumatic experiences of watching your friends get married, have children, and attain the American dream are akin to the hopeless depression of the schizophrenic mental patient. I wanted a wife, I wanted kids, I wanted a steady job. I was tired of working at Burger King and living alone in a studio apartment, and I was almost certain I memorized ninety percent of pornstars on the internet by name.

Disgusted by the company of my left hand, I decided to go out to one of those speed dating events. I picked out my best garb and walked out the door.

Homestuck begins when thirteen-year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, Sburb, in the ling and running the game on his computer triggers a meteor storm to fall on his house in real life, which he survives only by being transported to a planet in another dimension known as the Incipisphere. As John’s friends Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley.

Seen on Tumblr , along with associated discussion: Nobody is the villain of their own life story. Everybody thinks of themselves as an honest guy or gal just trying to get by, constantly under assault by circumstances and The System and hundreds and hundreds of assholes. They really believe it. You can see how every insult, every failure, no matter how deserved, is a totally unexpected kick in the gut. The thought of doing any of those things sickens you now. There is too much anguish in the world already.

You feel like any of those things would be a violation. You knew, in a vague way, that men thought about sex all the time. Is it even legal to fantasize about that? You want to be disgusted with them. You become a forest ranger. Not the type who helps people explore the forest. The type where you hang out in a small cabin in the middle of the mountains and never talk to anybody.

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The Sburb beta logo, pre-scratch. The Sburb alpha logo, post-scratch. Sburb’s distinctive logo on Earth first iteration is a neon-green silhouette of a simple house, broken into six pieces. Animated representations of the logo have the house disassemble and reassemble, with the smallest part spinning back and forth in between. The Sburb logo made a few appearances in the beta version of Homestuck ‘s interface. An animated version of the logo appears on the preloader for animated pages and continues to do so for many pages in the game proper.

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Peruse the blogs or show off your skills in our creative section, a place to showcase our members talents across the arts; writing, music, art and more. Not sure where to begin? So what are you waiting for? Register today and discover all that RPA has to offer! Contact the Admin team at roleplayadventures0 gmail. The common folk speak of the Red Rats, an organization that aimed to overthrow Arthur and end his tyrannic rule over the people. Deep within the forests of Grecca, the Red Rats make their moves to search for freedom.

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