Judge’s Opinion and Order in the Kennewick Man Lawsuit

He’s the oldest human specimen that we have that is so complete. He continues to generate this body of information. He may well be the most studied human being in history. He was found in a glacier, frozen in time, for 5, years. What can we learn from him? What is his story? We figured he was probably Italian; wrong. So, where’s this guy from?

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Scientific significance The remains of the Kennewick Man The remains had been scattered in the reservoir due to erosion. Following delivery of the cranium by the coroner, they were examined by archaeologist James Chatters. After ten visits to the site, Chatters had managed to collect bones and pieces of bone, which with the skull completed almost an entire skeleton. The remains were determined to be those of “a male of late middle age years , and tall to cm , slender build”.

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Misc[ edit ] I remember that the Tri-City Herald the local newspaper reported that some drunk guys had found him in the bushes during the hydroplane races, and they ran, thinking it was a murder scene. Can anyone with the time and energy verify that? They then hid the skull in the bushes thinking it was a recent victim, and called the cops.

Tezkah i-dont-know-what-time-it-is, 2 Nov They’d been drinking, the boat races were a big thing back then. It was a weekend of anything goes. They were skirting the security sneaking in to a section of the park that gives a good view and requires a payment. This was done by walking along the shore of the river of where wild trees and bushes still grow. One’s foot sunk into the mud and stepped on the head, how he knew I don’t know barefoot maybe; but pulled it up.

They left it where they found it. Later they reported their find and the authorities treated it as a murder scene.

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The Philippines are a perfect example of how the Mongol types spread out from Taiwan. Popular belief holds that the majority of Philippine people are descendants of migrants from Indonesia and Malaysia who came to the islands in successive waves over many centuries and largely displaced the aboriginal inhabitants. But modern archeological, linguistic, and genetic evidence, however, strongly suggests that those migrants originated in Taiwan and went on from the Philippines to settle Indonesia and Malaysia.

Pre-Spanish Period The first people in the Philippines, the Negritos, are believed to have come to the islands 30, years ago from Borneo and Sumatra, making their way across then-existing land bridges.

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Plaintiffs bring this action seeking judicial review of a final agency decision that awarded the remains of the “Kennewick Man” to a coalition of Indian tribes and denied the Plaintiffs’ request to study those remains. Plaintiffs assert other claims based upon alleged statutory violations. Plaintiffs seek to vacate the administrative decision which was made after an earlier decision was remanded to the agency for further proceedings.

For the reasons set out below, I set aside the decision awarding the remains to the Tribal Claimants, enjoin transfer of the remains to the Tribal Claimants, and require that Plaintiffs be allowed to study the remains. Plaintiffs’ request for other relief is granted in part and denied in part. Plaintiffs Gill, Haynes, Jantz, and Steele are anthropology professors. Amici curiae have also participated. Pre-Litigation Events In July , a human skull and scattered bones were discovered in shallow water along the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington.

The object’s design, when viewed with x-rays and CT scans of the hip, resembled a style that was common before the documented arrival of Europeans in this region. Further examination of the remains revealed characteristics inconsistent with those of a European settler, yet also inconsistent with any American Indian 5 remains previously documented in the region. To resolve this ambiguity, a minute quantity of metacarpal bone was radiocarbon dated.

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Eshleman, and Frederika A. Davis consists of three separate rooms in which separate tasks are performed: These glove boxes are bleached and decontaminated monthly. Access to the ancient DNA lab is strictly limited and all labcoats, gloves, masks and haircovers used here are dedicated for use only in this lab.

Double-gloved entry is made routinely via the portals to each glove box to prevent carry-over contamination from outside the lab and all PCR preps are prepared in borosillicate microcapillary tubes and flame sealed inside the glove box so that PCR reactions cannot be contaminated during or after transporting them to the PCR amplification and analysis laboratory. Other equipment in this lab that are employed in the analysis of ancient DNA include a vacuum dryer, UV crosslinker, UV transilluminator, various power supplies and electrophoresis units, refrigerators and freezers, two MacIntosh G4 computors and one MacIntosh G3 computor that interface this equipment and are used for data analysis.

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May 27, By Frank D. When old human bones first began washing from a Columbia River bank in Kennewick, Wash. Chatters had helped police with many forensic investigations. This case, however, would be the most momentous of his career. At first, the long, narrow skull, narrow forehead and high, prominent nose bridge looked European to Chatters. Native American skulls were shorter and rounder, with broad faces.

Perhaps this was a 19th century pioneer. But the teeth were worn nearly flat, a Native American trait.

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A backhoe operator noticed several skulls in the bucket of his machine. The sheriff and medical examiner determined that the burials were not recent. The local forensic expert originally believed he was examining modern Caucasian remains. The developers, Jack Eckerd and Jim Swann, halted construction at the pond and called in archaeologists.

The study of these sites provide a broader context for understanding Kennewick Man’s place in the Paleoamerican world, a time period that has produced few well-preserved, nearly complete skeletons.

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Central Asia’s Lost Civilization The unveiling of a 4, year-old civilization calls into question conventional ideas about ancient culture, trade, and religion. This barren place, a site called Gonur, was once the heart of a vast archipelago of settlements that stretched across 1, square miles of Central Asian plains. Although unknown to most Western scholars, this ancient civilization dates back 4, years—to the time when the first great societies along the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Indus, and Yellow rivers were flourishing.

Thousands of people lived in towns like Gonur with carefully designed streets, drains, temples, and homes. To water their orchards and fields, they dug lengthy canals to channel glacier-fed rivers that were impervious to drought. They traded with distant cities for ivory, gold, and silver, creating what may have been the first commercial link between the East and the West. They buried their dead in elaborate graves filled with fine jewelry, wheeled carts, and animal sacrifices.

Then, within a few centuries, they vanished. News of this lost civilization began leaking out in the s, when archaeologists came to dig in the southern reaches of the Soviet Union and in Afghanistan. Their findings, which were published only in obscure Russian-language journals, described a culture with the tongue-twisting name Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex.

Bactria is the old Greek name for northern Afghanistan and the northeast corner of Iran, while Margiana is further north, in what is today Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Western scholars subsequently used that landmark to dub the newly found culture the Oxus civilization. The initial trickle of information dried up in when the revolution in Iran and war in Afghanistan locked away the southern half of the Oxus.

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But for the Pacific Northwest tribes demanding a proper burial for Kennewick Man, the results corroborate what they already knew from their oral traditions, and may renew their call for repatriation. Subsequent radiocarbon dating efforts revealed the remains were from the Holocene Era some 8, to 9, years ago — an incredibly rare and significant find. The aged Kennewick Man was nearly a complete skeleton, and scientists knew that these bones would be key to solving a longstanding mystery as to how, when and by whom North America was first settled.

However, there was a catch.

Kennewick Man is the name for the remains of a prehistoric man found on a bank of the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington, on July 28, The Kennewick Man news story is one of the most significant archaeology stories of contemporary times.

This speciation into the various races of homo sapiens is continued in the variation into the subspecies we call “races” which precede full differentiation into separate species. In recent months, the unrelenting media and political pressure to construct a “multi-racial” Kennewick Man has begun to affect even Dr. He has reacted like the countless Christian biblical researchers who disbelieve in the resurrection of Christ.

When asked whether they believe in it or not, they quickly change the topic to the “real” meaning of Jesus which somehow always turns out to be politically correct. Chatters is now claiming that Kennewick Man is “an ancestor of all of us. Despite such obscurantist, liberaloid blather and contortions, it is ridiculous to view the branch represented by Kennewick Man as somehow belonging to American Indians or not being Caucasoid.

And it is impossible for Kennewick Man to have been an “ancestor of all of us,” since he and eventually his tribe were exterminated by the Indians. Of course, facts have never been important to the anti-White racial miscegenationists dominating modern American culture; only propaganda matters. Oral History Telling Today, with new archaeological findings and scientific research, it does seem evident that both a European People the Clovis People and Proto-Mongoloids Indians migrated to the Americas in similar movements and time.

But what happened to the Clovis people?

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Larger settlements like Jericho arose along salt and flint trade routes. Northern Eurasia was resettled as the glaciers of the last glacial maximum retreated. World population was at a few million people, likely below 5 million. Researchers probing the ocean bottom have found story-high towers of stone deep in the ocean near a section of volcanic fault ridges that extend for 6, miles along the Atlantic Ocean floor.

There were indications of settlement after 9, B.

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A trove of ancient bones was found in by construction workers. It included the remains of dire wolves, horses, gophers, camels, and -the most exciting – an adult male mastodon. Ars Technica reports that It took years of testing before an interdisciplinary team of researchers could ascertain that the mastodon bones date to , years ago.

But with this information in hand an even more shocking claim was waiting to be made — there are marks the researchers assert were left on the bones by early humans. Mastodon skeleton schematic showing which bones and teeth of the animal were found at the site. Of course, extraordinary claims like this require extraordinary evidence. The team waited 24 years to ascertain their facts before publishing their findings in the journal Nature — they seem positive that the dates and details add up.

As they wrote in their paper: Here we describe the Cerutti Mastodon CM site, an archaeological site from the early late Pleistocene epoch, where in situ hammerstones and stone anvils occur in spatio-temporal association with fragmentary remains of a single mastodon Mammut americanum. The site also had flat rocks that could have been anvils and a collection of small stones that may have been used as hammers.

These artifacts were found in the same layer as the mastodon bones and show evidence of use wear and impact marks. They were extracting marrow for food.

Kennewick Man: The Three Million Dollar Skeleton

Indo-China [ kya] Improved Technology Radiocarbon testing continues to reveal ever more. Studies of the Kennewick Man’s bones indicate a high diet of marine food. As mentioned above, there are strong indications that the Solutreans of Ice-Age Spain were ancestral to the Clovis culture. The Solutrean people that is, most likely, their shamans drew many pictures of giant bison, mammoths and horses in caves discovered by archeologists and others in Spain and southern France.

Horses, too, were on the North American continent during the reign of the Clovis people, but their fate remains unknown. Could the horses have been used by the Clovis people to hunt game, and did they die with the Clovis people?

Kennewick Man: The Three Million Dollar Skeleton Radiocarbon Dating and DNA Tests NPS spent $6, for radiocarbon dating and biochemical analysis of the skeleton. An unknown amount of money was spent on DNA testing (one laboratory alone charged $3,). Kennewick Man’s relationship, if any, to present-day American Indians was then (and.

Items referred to as “estimated costs” represent those expenditures for which only generalized or “ballpark” estimates are possible. For a detailed description of how these amounts have been calculated and the principal documents relied upon, see Appendixes A and B at the end of this article. Because the available documentary record is not as detailed as one could wish, actual government expenditures for the Kennewick Man affair could vary significantly from the amounts calculated here.

While it is possible that they could be lower, it is more likely that they are higher. Among other things, the amounts calculated here include only the costs incurred by the Army Corps, DOI, and to a lesser extent the Department of Justice. Other federal agencies including the White House are known to have participated in the affair, and they would have had related but unknown costs.

In addition, the documents released by the Army Corps and DOI cover only the period from discovery of the skeleton to September , and even then are likely to understate actual costs for that period of time.

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